ask for a clearer explanation please

Hello I have a little problem with my codeWarning: Error in: Cannot embed a reactiveValues () object in a SQL query.If you are seeing this error in code that used to work, the mostlikely cause is a change dbplyr 1.4.0. Previously df $ x ordf [[y]] implied that df was a local variable, but now you mustmake that explict with !! or local (), e.g., !! df $ x or`Local (df [['y'])) 174: it is well explained but I have not triop well understood especially with the inputexampledf <-test%>%filter (caseyear == as.character (year (input $ year1))

Hi, and welcome: Could you post a small version of the table you're using, and the code you're trying to run? That way folks can see what you're trying to do.

To post your table, first create a small version (roughly the size of a screenshot), then apply dput() to your small table, and copy and paste the output here.

Hello, I am sending you a small excerpt from the code, but the problem that is displayed to me is:
Error in: Unable to embed a reactiveValues () object in an SQL query. If you see this error in the working code, the most likely cause is a change to dbplyr 1.4.0. Previously df x or df [[y]] implicitly, dfc was a local variable, but now you have to explain it with !! or local (), for example, !! df xou`Local (df [['y'])) 174:

It will be difficult to help unless you can also provide the data you're using, in text form, rather than an image, and similarly for the code. You can do this by paste text between a pair of triple backticks (```), like this:

[output of dput([your table]) here]
[your code here]

If your table (or table) is longer than 25-50 rows, the use dput([your table %>% slice(1:50)]) instead.

Could you do that? It would help folks be able to help you better.

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