Automate interaction with shiny app


I have this shiny which allow users to interact with a variety of input fields (mostly selectInput) to ultimately generate a text file. I would like to store all possible text files that can be generated. As the number of possible combinations of all input fields is quite large, proceeding manually would be time consuming and prone to errors. I was wondering what would be the best way to automate this collection process...
I was thinking about creating a dedicated button linked to an observeEvent call in which I would loop through various update<...>Input calls and output the text file to drive.

There is probably a smarter way to do that.

My only thought was to have a look at shinytest.

If you could automate the generation of the file that drives the test, then I think you could use that pattern to generate all of the text files.


Thanks. I will look into this package.

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