Automated task failing

Dear R community, I have been scheduling tasks through R-addins without issues. However there is a particular ANN model made out of 2 layers of 800 neurons each built via H2o package that is not producing the desired output. Strangely the task appear to have run with success after running taskscheduler_ls() command and the script definitely work when it is run manually. However it kept on failing to produce the final table which is the final intended result. I use to run different other tasks (not involving H2o though) in the same fashion with no issues.
The only thing that came to my mind is that this task requires heavy computational resources, and in fact when I run it manually everything slows down for about 10 minutes quite significantly. However when this is done via R addins automatically under my supervision, I could not notice the same usage of heavy resources. Has anyone experienced the same issue? As far as you know is there a better way to make the automation work? Thanks

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