bakkenExplorer - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Brandon Davis
Working with Shiny for 1+ years

Abstract: This application was designed to create a Net Asset Valuation (NAV) framework for the Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota.

Full Description: A little about me: I began teaching myself to code in R about 2 years ago and have begun experimenting with Shiny for around 1 year and I'm sufficiently hooked. So if my code syntax stinks, sorry!

General Workflow (lots of tidyverse):
Scrape production data from North Dakota state website (rvest/httr/pdftools).
Download shapefiles and other well data from North Dakota state website.
Convert shapefiles to individual well data and acreage information (sf, sp, maps, etc.)
Forecast ultimate production data and well forecasts (aRpsDCA).
Clean, clean, clean some more.
Generate an SVM model to quanitfy impacts of changing well design (lateral length and amount of proppant pumped) using Caret package. Further calibrate by geographic location.
Interpolate various formation items across the area (akima).

Create app using base knowledge of oil and gas workflows.

Created functionality to scrape tables from 10-Q/10-K's (this took a lifetime). Utilizes edgarWebR and finreportr. Also used quantmod for stock prices.

Used tidyRSS to generate a news feed.

Used leaflet to show interactive maps of operator well locations and best guess acreage positions.

Use plotly, echarts4r, and billboarder for various analytics plots.

Create functionality to investigate asset value of existing production, and methodology to estimate future inventory and create a production forecast into the future.

Scrape future price data from web for use in NAV models.

Category: Research
Keywords: Shiny,Analytics,Finance,Engineering,Asset Valuation, Energy
Shiny app:
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The linked app is giving me a 404 error, would you confirm the app URL and update if necessary @enFinExplorer? Thank you!

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