Batman Package on Mac


I am new here and using R. I am trying to install batman package in a Mac (Mac OS X 10.14 - Mojave). Apparently I need to use R3.2.1 (for Mac OS X 10.6) since batman does not support MacOs X higher than 10.9. I did this without any issues.
However, it creates me another problem. to install batman I need to install 2 other packages previously: doSNOW and plotrix. doSNOW was correctly installed, but plotrix is only available for R>3.5.0.
Did anyone have the same problem? Do you have any idea how can this be solved?

Thank you,

I think you'd have to install an older version of plotrix. All versions are archived by CRAN here:

Thank you very much for your reply.
I tried several versions of the plotrix package, but I was not able to install any. Nor even the oldest ones. I am kind of stucked in this, though I will search for other options.

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