Benchmarking your system

A few years ago I developed a package benchmark your computer. The general idea is to run a set of tests on different machines and compare the speed. For example,


Unfortunately, due to changes/improvements in R (in particular the changes to the byte compiler), I've had to start collecting data again.

So if you have a few minutes to spare, would you mind benchmarking your system? Once I have a few more benchmarks, I'll update the CRAN package.

The package is on github. To run the benchmarks, install the package

# Need at least R 3.5

Then to run the computational benchmarks

r = benchmark_std()
plot(r) # Compare to others
upload_results(r) # Upload results

You can also compare read/write speeds

r = benchmark_io()
plot(r) # Compare to others

You can also compare your parallel speed:

r = benchmark_std(cores = 4)
plot(r) # Compare to others

Comments welcome


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