Birds of a Feather (BoF) at rstudio::conf(2019L)

What is a Birds of a Feather Session? As we see it, a BoF is just a short unconference within a conference, organized or left un-organized (mostly) by participants! Topics may be narrow or broad. Some may have agendas and others may be purely for networking. Depending on the size of the group or other conflicts, some may meet during lunch and others in a BoF lounge during breaks between sessions.

At a minimum, each group will have a friendly set of people working in common areas or on common issues, or working with common tools.

Schedule & Location Notes

  • Thursday Evening Happy Hour: Certain BoFs meeting Thursday evening, 6-7:00 PM, in large dedicated rooms.
  • Lunch or Breakfast: we'll have a section of the dinning hall reserved for this group.
  • Lounge: for meetings during breaks between talks, we have a special lounge set aside for BoFs.
  • R-Ladies: To meet Friday evening, 6-7:00 PM in a large dedicated room.


R-Ladies promotes diversity in the rstats community via meetups, mentorship & global collaboration.
RStudio, R-Ladies Global and R-Ladies Austin are hosting a meet-up at rstudio::conf.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Thursday - Breakfasts, Lunches, and Breaks

BoF RStudio Community Schedule
R-Admin / DevOps Thursday Breakfast R-Administrators, API development, Productionalizing Data Analytics, dev-ops, shiny in production.
Hosted by RStudio Solutions Engineering
Data for Good Thursday Breakfast social and governance (ESG), data science for social good, corporate social responsibility, Ethics in data science, non-profit data analysis, Open Data, open science, Ethical R Usage, Not For Profit, diversity, gender equality
Hosted by @rachael, @gvwilson and others
Retail / CPG Thursday 10:30-11AM Retail, consumer products group
Hosted by @tonya
in the BoF Lounge 1
Natural Language Processing Thurs 10:30-11AM Hosted by @julia
in the BoF Lounge 2
Education Thursday Lunch Education data analysts, higher education, Teaching, Teaching and learning R/Data Science!, Teaching R, Teaching RStudio
Hosted by @mine and the RStudio Education team
Manufacturing Thursday 3:30-4PM Hosted by @tonya
in the BoF Lounge 1
EdTech Thursday 3:30-4PM Hosted by @sam and community folks.
In the BoF Lounge 2

Thursday Evening - Happy Hour, 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Pharma and Life Sciences
Location: Poppy room, 4th floor
Hosted by @PhilBowsher & @laurenchadwick
Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Location: Indigo room, 4th floor
Hosted by Jonathan Regenstein (@jkr216) and Nick Rohrbaugh (@nrohr)
Sponsored by DataCamp
Healthcare and Insurance
Location: Verbena room, 4th floor
Keywords: Healthcare, epidemiology, clinical research, public health, Insurance
Hosted by @Hadrien & @PhilBowsher
Business Intelligence
Location: Lantana room, 4th floor.
Keywords: Business intelligence, Marketing/Digital Analytics, Web Experimentation
Hosted by @TMock & @rachael

Friday - Breakfasts, Lunches, and Breaks

BoF RStudio Community Schedule
Academic / Research Friday Breakfast analysts/scientists in academia (e.g., institutional research), reproducible research
Hosted by RStudio Education Team; @mine
Spatial / Maps Friday Breakfast Hosted by @zross & @alandipert
in the dining hall.
StartUps Friday Breakfast Hosted by @MarkEngeln
in the dining hall
Energy Friday 10-10:30AM Hosted by @TMock
in the BoF Lounge 1
Media / Journalism Friday 10-10:30AM Hosted by @MarkEngeln
in the BoF Lounge 2
Machine Learning Friday Lunch Machine Learning, tensorflow, keras
Hosted by @scott, @javierluraschi, @Max and others.
Package-dev Friday Lunch Hosted by @jimhester and others
Government / Public Sector Friday Lunch Hosted by @TMock
Sport Friday 2:30-3PM Hosted by @mara
in the BoF Lounge 1
Environmental Friday 2:30-3PM Environmental, Ecology, Wildlife
Hosted by @tyegagne and community
in BoF Lounge 2
Tidy-eval Friday 2:30-3PM Hosted by @lionel
just outside Manchester Ballroom

Birds of a Feather Locations

Floor 5 - Fairmont and Manchester Ballroom

Floor 4 - Rooms directly below the Manchester Ballroom.

Hotel map [pdf]


Hey @EconomiCurtis, do we need to register for any of the BoF meals/HH?

Nope, no need for extra registration. All the Happy Hours and Mealtime BoFs are mostly finalized now. So just plan to be at the right place at the right time, and be mentally prepared to unwind and connect with like-minded folks.