Bookdown text continues through margin, won't continue to next page


I have an issue with bookdown. From time to time when I implement a table, the text seems to continue down through the page margin.
The text does not simply continue on the next page as expected.

I was hoping someone has experienced something similar, and has an idea of what goes wrong.
I implement a code chunk printing out a gt table, and then the markdown file goes nuts. So far, the files seems to hide about two sections of text below the page margin before breaking to a new page.
The table works fine when I print it out alone, but when I render my book, it seems to affect the output, as there is no problems when I skip the gt table code chunk.
I have experienced this issue several times not, but most of my gt tables works flawless, so I assume this could be a RMarkdown issue more than gt.

I will add a picture showing what I mean.

Thank you for you help.


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