showing in networking tab, I need to know if this affect the latency of my app when I deploy it to the in Edge!




I have an app which is running fine in Chrome and IE11, but when I deploy it to the in Edge, it slows down. In the developer tools under the networking tab I get the following, I want to know how to get rid of the time consumption of, and if that has any affect on the latency of running the app in Edge?

Note: you will visualize this in the attached file above.

Your advice is highly appreciated!

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There is no code related to bootstrap.min.css in my app, but it just shows in the networking tab in the developer tools.


From official shiny web-site:

Note: The Shiny UI is built with the Bootstrap 3.3.1 HTML/CSS framework. CSS files designed to work with Bootstrap 3.3.1 will work best with Shiny.

So that is why you are seeing bootstrap there.



Thank you for getting back to me, so what you mean is that what I see of bootstrap has nothing to deal with the latency of my app?
Because I only get those in Edge which works slow, and I don't get those stuff in Chrome or IE11 and they work really fine when I deploy the app.

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I don't know the answer to your question 100%, but I would be very surprised if bootstrap had that much of an effect on the latency. However, you never know with IE :slight_smile:


oh okay, Thank you again for your support!

I think it is not related to the latency!

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It shouldn't even be downloading that .map file unless you open the Developer Tools--the only reason for that file is to let the Developer Tools' debugger give you an easier-to-read (un-minified) version of the code.