box height in shinydashboardPlus

I am facing a peculiar problem after updating ShinydashbaordPlus. box (originally called boxPlus) is not retaining its height. for example, if the height of the box is '450px' and if the content of the box is '200px', the box height is getting reduced. Before upgrade, it was not the case. i was able to maintain the height irrespective of the content of the box. but not now after the upgrade. I am missing something here
Could someone help me to resolve this issue.
Thank you

it seems to be an open issue
Maybe you can use a previous version of this package or do you need the upgrade?

Thanks for your response
I need the upgrade, it has something special compared to old version. but still it is a bug, to be fixed

I kept browsing the net and found that height should be with px instead of just number.
example, height = "400px"
problem is resolved

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