Cannot find/open file when deploying app


I'm deploying my first app onto

When I open the app on the web, I get an error:
" An error has occurred. The application failed to start. exit status 1"

I checked the logs and found this:
"cannot open file '/srv/connect/apps/samplesize/JAGS MODELS/SEG ANALYSIS/webexpo.seg.mainbayesian.R': No such file or directory"

This is strange as this file does exist there. There are several other files into that folder also being called that don't appear in the logs as an error.

The app was successfully deploy in rStudio

> deployApp()
Preparing to deploy application...DONE
Uploading bundle for application: 6667778...DONE
Deploying bundle: 6115104 for application: 6667778 ...
Waiting for task: 1189735945
  building: Parsing manifest
  building: Building image: 7129671
  building: Installing system dependencies
  building: Fetching packages
  building: Installing packages
  building: Installing files
  building: Pushing image: 7129671
  deploying: Starting instances
  success: Stopping old instances
Application successfully deployed to

I've tried deleting it from and deploying.

It all works perfectly when the app is run within rStudio.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.