Cannot open RStudio: A JavaScript error occurred in the main process.


I failed to knit R Markdown (PDF) due to an error.
I found a POST which seems to be related to an issue and installed xcode by using the command: $ xcode-select --install

After this installation, I cannot open RStudio with the following error message:

Uncaught Exception:
Error: Config schema violation: view/zoomLevel must be >= 0.25 at e.exports._validate (/Applications/
at set store [as store] (/Applications/
at e.exports.set (/Applications/
at D.zoomLevel (/Applications/
at IpcMainImpl. (/Applications/
at IpcMainImpl.emit (node:events:526:28)
at EventEmitter. (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:161:11829)
at EventEmitter.emit (node:events:526:28)

Would you please give me some advice to fix the issue?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

I somehow figured it out for myself.
I think it is not related Xcode.
But, the residues from previous RStudio was an issue.

I followed the way in this POST.
Clean things up thoroughly and reinstall it.