Cannot save R scripts - new to R and coding

Hi. I am brand new to RStudio and am having trouble getting started because my scripts will not save. I am working in version 1.4.1717 for Windows 10. The save button in the upper left panel AND the option on the file drop down menu are consistently greyed out. When I close the program and reopen it, I find that my work is only partially saved. Additionally, the environment panel reverts back to what was in it when I completed my first school assignment two weeks ago. I am able to click "Save As" in the file menu and save the script to the folder of my choice (I am making sure to include '.R' at the end of my file name), but when I open the file, my work is still not saved. I am also typing in the script, not the console. I also uninstalled and reinstalled R and that didn't help as well.

I am working on a Windows 10, and some other forums mentioned it might be a permissions issue. Think I gave the app permissions in my firewall, but it doesn't appear to have helped. I also got this weird message saying I need to contact my IT dept, but I'm working on my personal computer? Please let me know if you all have any suggestions. I can provide more information if needed.

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