Can't find R Presentation on R4.2.0

I'm new to R. I wanted to use the R Pres. Yet, when I opened a new file, I couldn't find R Presentation usually underneath R Sweave, R HTML, and R Documentation. I tried on both my windows and MBA M1 machines where the newest version of R and Rsutdio are installed. None of them have R Presentation on the default file format.

I tried markdown. And I do see on the left panel of Markdown, that I could choose Presentation, yet, when I opened it up, it asked me to choose one of these three: HTML(ioslides)/HTML(Slidy)/PDF(Beamer)/Powerpoint. However, when I opened it with any of these formats, it was not an R press format.

Do I need to install any extra package? Many Thanks for any help!

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