Can't open RStudio with a yellow triangle




Error Information:

Description of issue - when I try to open the Rstudio, it came out a yellow triangle with RStudio logo

Attempted steps taken to fix - redownload

System Information:

From RStudio Desktop Will Not Start on

Can not open Rstudio

When I open Rstudio on my laptop, it pops out a yellow triangle with R sign and says nothing. I really don't know why I can not open it.


Hi there - welcome to!

Just to troubleshoot, can you confirm that you have both R and RStudio installed, and that you're attempting to launch RStudio by using the icon that looks like the one on the right in the picture below?:

If the answer to both of the above is "yes", can you please share a screenshot and let us know what your system details are (operating system and version)?


this is what it looks like when I open the RStudio. The R version is 3.5.1 and I use Mac version for RStudio.
Thanks for reply.


Hi Wendy, for RStudio start-up issues that you haven't been able to diagnose, a diagnostic report can be really helpful (you can run a report even if RStudio doesn't start).
If you haven't resolved this yet, would you mind printing the output from the report in a reply below?