Can't restore project

When I try to restore one of my projects i get this error message
Task c8447959-c0b4-488f-8c38-c4779e254a41 failed: Timeout waiting for application=1171283 deployment=4461448 replicas to become ready: [{'node': 'ip-172-16-50-208.ec2.internal', 'name': 'application-1171283-deployment-4461448-q9c95'}, {'events': [{'reason': 'FailedMount', 'type': 'Warning',

Before the project was deleted it couldn't be open and was just loading opening project

Is there any way i can recover the project or the data atleast

Hi there,

I see some errors on the logs showing your project was having trouble starting earlier. However, it looks like it is now working. Are you still having issues?


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