change default/primary blue color (radio buttons selection color, checked boxes selection color, etc).

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the default primary blue color in R Shiny to another color?

I've see a few options for changing a full theme, such as bslib::bs_theme or fresh::create_theme. However, I already have a css file that I'm using so I can't use these options without contradicting my original css file. I want to change the main blue color (primary color) that is used when a radio button is selected or when a checked box is checked. Since it's a color used throughout, it would be great if it could be changed in a single location, rather than having to go through and change all items that use it.


Is it possible to change the default blue color (without having to use a whole different theme)?

Edit: I also tried the second answer from patalt on this stackexchange post but the background for the check box is still blue.

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