Chunk output in console, but keep figure output inline

I recently discovered the 'chunk output in console' option, which I really prefer for seeing what a tibble looks like for instance. However, I would like to keep my figures to output inline, so I can go back and show them to people, and not have to click through the plot pane until I found the right one. Is there an option to send all output to console, but keep the figure output inline?

No I don't think there is an option for that.

Why tibbles in Rmd is preferred to you ? You do not want the resulting table shown in the document ? Or is it the way it is show that is not suitable to you ?

Thanks for your quick reply!

I meant that I prefer to for example peek at what my data looks like before piping it into ggplot, and then I prefer the output of that to be in the console instead of under the chunk, which might be long. Then if I'm satisfied with the plot I would like it to show up under the chunk. I guess I could enable output to console until I'm satisfied and then enable inline output before plotting the final plot.