Climate Zone Shiny Map

Hey y'all! I am having some trouble with how to start creating a Shiny app that would show climate zones in the world broken down by latitude and longitude conceptually. The end result of my Shiny app would be nice to appear like the example I have posted where there is a world map projection with different areas covered in different colors representing different climate zones. It would be nice to have a widget or two that would modify latitude and longitude ranges and could display different areas. Can anyone help me brainstorm a simple list of steps that could help me even start designing the process?

A friend of mine suggested using if statements to help narrow down the process such as for example like if (user selects tropical climate zone), then (return climate severity for tropical region).

If anyone could help, that would greatly be appreciated!

How would your app be laid out? Would you use something like shinydashboard or flexdashboard showing a map and graphs based on what is selected?

Thanks for the fast reply! I'm looking through our repo and we are using shinyfluidpage to construct 4 tabs (1 of them is an introduction page and the other 3 are comparing variables that alter fisheries biomass as well as comparing trade-offs)

We're supposed to have a reactive output as well as using widgets to customize it. In my case, I was trying to come up with a reactive output map of some kind (i.e. a world projection with different climate zones). It would be nice to have two widgets that are sliders that alter latitude and longitude coordinate pairs that would change the zone shown on the map.

My biggest problem is finding how to start this process. I think I'm going to need a dataset with latitude and longitude coordinate pairs representing different countries throughout the world and then adding one more column that shows which climate zone it represents.

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