Code runs correctly in R but not Rstudio when behind VPN

I am attempting to use the leaflet package behind the VPN to create an interactive map.
I would accept that it was a VPN-only issue if it didn't work in R.

But it does work in R, so I am trying to work out the settings I need to change in RStudio to make it work there also.

I have tried a few things:
RStudio,Tools > Global Options... > Packages > Uncheck - "Use Internet Explorer library/proxy for HTTP

in addition to:

options( = 0, RCurlOptions = list(proxy = "http://XX.XXX.XX.XX:8080"))

Sys.setenv(https_proxy = "http://XX.XXX.XX.XX:8080")
Sys.setenv(http_proxy = "http://XX.XXX.XX.XX:8080")

httr: set_config(use_proxy("http://XX.XXX.XX.XX:8080"), override = TRUE)

The code I am trying to run is as follows:

leaflet() %>%
  addProviderTiles(providers$OpenStreetMap) %>%
  addMarkers(lng = 174.768, lat = -36.852,
  popup = "The birthplace of R")

In summary:

  • R behind VPN: map is rendered
  • RStudio behind VPN: map is NOT rendered
  • RStudio without VPN: map is rendered

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