Color stripchart according to column (3 objects)

Matthias is correct. I'd recommend going with one of his solutions. They are much more elegant than mine.

I was not aware of the ggbeeswarm package. Time to install another package.

I still think it would be a good idea to use a different symbol when plotting the donors.

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I agree. This can be easily done by adding "shape = Donor" into the aes(), e.g. of the geom_jitter(), or geom_beeswarm().

A 'dumstion' for jrkrideau.
Trying to duplicate your first answer I tried co copy the data, which is as you say in dput format, but copy and paste in an R script or in a file named dat1.txt which I tried to read with dget didn't work. I looked around this website w/o luck. Could you tell me how to copy said data locally?

Not a dumb question if you are new to R. If you are used to SAS or SPSS let alone a regular programming language R is weird.

Open a new file in RStudio
File > New File < R script

then, in the new file type

dat1  <- 

Copy the data from here and paste in into the new file starting just after the <- .

Do a "select all" and then press the Run button in the top left of RStudio.

Here is a tiny example of what you want to have.

mydat  <- structure(list(Pre_fog = c(4.94, 5.24, 4.8, NA, NA), Fog = c(5.54, 
5.44, 5.32, 5.53, 5.54), Post_fog = c(4.86, 4.97, 4.59, 4.77, 
NA)), row.names = c(NA, 5L), class = "data.frame")

I hope this makes some sense.

I was including the last three back-ticks along the data, and getting and error. After erasing the 3 gremlins worked like a charm
dat1 <- paste

Now I'll do the homework

Excellent. As I said R is weird.

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