Comparing site and associated random site?

I have paired data for bird nest sites and corresponding data for a random point linked to the nest site. The random site is dependent on the nest site due to pacing x meters at y angle from the nest. To compare vegetation measures at the two locations, I am trying to find the best test. I am unsure if the linkage between the sites disqualifies a t-test. The data are paired because the random site is dependent on the nest site, but it seems a paired t-test is the same subject under two circumstances. A 2 sample t-test doesn't seem right because the samples have a connection to each other. Is Anova the best way, since there would be an effect of the nest site on the random point? Thank you for any guidance.

Hi, and welcome!

A reproducible example, called a reprex will attract more and better answers because it avoids having to speculate about the nature of the data.

Also, I wouldn't want to send you down a possible rabbit hole

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