conditional columns using kable

I need to specify the col.names in kable according to the number of rows from a table.
I was thinking about using if and ifelse to do it, but I can't reproduce what I want.

data2=data2 %>% mutate(over=weight>200)
tb1=data2 %>% filter(feed=="linseed") %>%group_by(over) %>% count() %>% spread(over,n)

if (jkl==1) {

  kable(tb1,col.names = c("Blue")) %>%  
} else { 

  kable(tb1,col.names = c("Blue","Black")) %>% } 

kable_styling(full_width = TRUE)

The issue is I can't process two kinds of tables. One with 1 column, another with 2.
I wrote this because I need to be able to change only the filer condition and repeat the code without worrying about it.

This is my first thread on this forum section. I hope I posted tall you need in order to understand my case.
Thanks for your time and interest.
Good luck

data2 <- datasets::chickwts %>% 
tb1 <- data2 %>% 
  filter(feed=="linseed") %>%
  group_by(over) %>% 
  count() %>% 

possible_names <- c("Blue","Black")
names_to_use <- possible_names[1:ncol(tb1)]

  kable(tb1,col.names = names_to_use) %>%  
    kable_styling(full_width = TRUE)
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I think I solve It. I used part of your code nirgrahamuk.
Using the %>% inside the if/else conditional was problematic.
So, I created the list of names at the begging, when I value the number of rows/columns of the future table.
Thanks again.

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