Configure RStudio IDE Separate Web Server from Application Server

Hi, R Admins,

I'm just doing some preliminary research on RStudio Server Pro for a client (I'm usually a user of RStudio once the instance is up and running and not really an admin, so forgive my ignorance of the server configurations). One of the questions my client has asked is if it's possible and easily configurable to set up the RStudio IDE on a separate web server from the R server where all the processing takes place. Basically they are hoping to set up a separate web server where users can log in, write their RStudio code and then submit it to the application server for processing and have the results returned to the separate web server. I tried looking through the documentation but couldn't find this topic discussed. Can anyone shed some light on whether this is something easily configurable?


Hey @StatsGuy, yes, there's something for that in the upcoming RStudio 1.2 release. Have you, or are you working with someone in our Customer Success team?

Hi, @edgararuiz, I have not yet spoken to anyone on the Customer Success team, but would welcome the opportunity to hop onto a call with a a few of my team members. Could you help arrange something?

Thanks for your input and the quick response!

Hi @StatsGuy!
I'll send you a direct message to see what time works best for a call with your team and @edgararuiz this week.