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This question concerns the "Upload" button in the RStudio Server "Files" tab, and in particular the handling of ZIP files. I suspect that the "internal" implementation of unzip (as described in the base::unzip documentation) is being used, because symlinks are not restored. On my system, the R_UNZIPCMD environment variable is /usr/bin/unzip but the value of getOption('unzip') is "internal". Setting the unzip option to /usr/bin/unzip does not achieve the desired behavior--which is for the unzip button to use /usr/bin/unzip to unzip uploaded ZIP files. Is there a way to obtain this behavior?

This is a fantastic question. So the reproducible example here would be to put a symlink in a zip file and then upload it via the Upload button? The expected behavior is to use /usr/bin/unzip so that symlinks can be restored? I feel like I may not be completely understanding the functionality that is lacking here.

The desired behavior is that, yes. If a .zip has a been created with the --symlinks option, then /usr/bin/unzip is able to restore them. Since the "internal" unzip method does not appear to restore symlinks, I was hoping I could make the Upload button use /usr/bin/unzip. Presently, I can find no way to use the Upload button on a .zip with symlinks and have those links restored.

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That's perfect! I talked with our team a bit, and we're fairly confident this is a feature request for enhancement. Would you mind submitting a feature request at , and perhaps linking to this discussion?

issue #4533

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