Connect R Server to Hive server for Accessing Hive Tables

I am working on R Server. I am not able to connect to Hive Server for Accessing Hive Tables through ODBC Connection. Any particular process/steps to be followed to make a connection

What did you try ? What have you installed and configured ?

We need some more details to be able to help you.


You could start here:

Have tried connecting to Hue Server using odbc connection for accessing the hive tables.
Can you suggest how i can configure to connect from r server to Hue server?

From what I know Hue is a tool to access Hive table through Hive or Impala (even other). I don't think you can connect R to HUE.

At my work, we use impala with odbc driver to connect to Hive table from R. You could also use Hive directly if you setup the environment.

Try to follow documentation about obdc and Hive or Impala to find how to do it. Once you'll have a working odbc connection (without R), it will be very easy to use it from R.

Thanks for your suggestion. will follow the documentation and try to build odbc connection without R first and let you know the status.

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We use Yarn to manage the connection. Via this both diplyr and using the DBI library to submit SQL queries work well.

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