Connect to snowflake db with

Can connect to Snowflake db? I see that in the shinyapps doc that snowflake isn't explicitly mentioned but the doc says that Rstudio pro drivers are available. In clicking through to rstudio pro drivers, snowflake (preview) is available. I tried dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), Driver = "Snowflake", Database=mydb, UID=********, PWD=*****) but when I run the app I get that "Can't open lib 'Snowflake' : file not found"

Is there a way to connect or am I wasting my time?

Try connecting with these parameters:

conn <- DBI::dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), 
    Driver = "Snowflake",
    UID = "xxx",
    PWD = "xxx",
    Port = 443,
    Warehouse = "xxx",
    Database = "xxx",
    Schema = "xxx",
    Server = "<youraccountid>"

That worked for my app.

Snowflake's guide to ODBC configuration: ODBC Configuration and Connection Parameters — Snowflake Documentation