Console keeps crashing

<Hi, the console keeps crashing on me occasionally. I am working with a large dataset and the RAM indicator is at full 180 degree. How can I minimize this?!--


Hi @jaqo ,

I'm sorry you've run into trouble here! If you have a paid subscription -- have you tried increasing the RAM allocated to your project? You can do that by opening your project, clicking the RAM indicator, and adjusting the settings, then saving the changes and following the prompts to reopen your project. Note that if you do increase the RAM allocated to your project, it will consume project hours at a faster rate.

I hope this helps, and I'm sorry this response is coming so late!


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Thanks Mel! I got this fixed days ago. It's just that I was using RStudio cloud and the size limit was fixed at 500MB but I was working with a 700 MB file. I had to switch from RStudio cloud to Desktop and everything went well.
One question I have for you: I am about the 'Knit' key. I finished a document and wanted to get it ready for publishing, but I got an error.

Hi @jaqo,

Glad to hear that you are unstuck!

If you are experiencing issues with the Knit button on RStudio Cloud specifically (especially if they don't reproduce elsewhere), would you please make a new topic with the errors you're seeing and any steps to reproduce them?

If you are experiencing issues with the Knit button on your desktop, you could start a new topic in the R Markdown category -- but you might first check to see if anyone has encountered the same error(s), in case someone has already posted a solution there.

Good luck!


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