convert_ipynb not in namespace of rmarkdown package

When I install and library rmarkdown version 2.3, the function convert_ipynb is not visible in the namespace for the package. I went to the GitHub site for markdown and saw that the code for convert_ipynb is in jupyter.R but when I look in NAMESPACE this file is not exported.

In the R/R-Studio help index for the markdown package, convert_ipynb does not appear as a topic. (Strangely, however, I can do a global search for the function name and the help page for the function does come up.)

Am I mistaken in thinking that convert_ipynb should be visible in the namespace?

The example in GitHub says:
nb_rmd = rmarkdown:::convert_ipynb(nb_file)
Not sure why the function was not exported.

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That's helpful: I was able to run the function that way, which solved my problem. Perhaps it is my misunderstanding, but I thought that ":::" was a way of accessing a package's internal functions. I had the impression that convert_ipynb was intended to be a "public" function, available after library(rmarkdown) or by using rmarkdown::convert_ipynb().

This was a hidden feature from the beginning ! :smiley:

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Thanks, and sorry I did not find that entry before posting my question. Hopefully this hidden feature will soon be revealed!

I don't know the plans for that unfortunately. You can add a :+1: on the issue :wink:

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