Converting "rule lists" into "tree objects"

Using the famous "iris" data set, I was able to make a decision tree and plot the results:

#load libraries

#load data

# make tree   
r <- rpart(Species ~ .,data = iris)
#plot tree

enter image description here

From the following website (Data Mining Survivor: Tuning_Parameters - Convert Tree to Rules), I found a way to neatly extract the "rules list" associated with this tree:

# extract "rules list"

list.rules.rpart <- function(model)
    if (!inherits(model, "rpart")) stop("Not a legitimate rpart tree")
    # Get some information.
    frm     <- model$frame
    names   <- row.names(frm)
    ylevels <- attr(model, "ylevels")
    ds.size <- model$frame[1,]$n
    # Print each leaf node as a rule.
    for (i in 1:nrow(frm))
        if (frm[i,1] == "<leaf>")
            # The following [,5] is hardwired - needs work!
            cat(sprintf(" Rule number: %s ", names[i]))
            cat(sprintf("[yval=%s cover=%d (%.0f%%) prob=%0.2f]\n",
                        ylevels[frm[i,]$yval], frm[i,]$n,
                        round(100*frm[i,]$n/ds.size), frm[i,]$yval2[,5]))
            pth <- path.rpart(model, nodes=as.numeric(names[i]),
            cat(sprintf("   %s\n", unlist(pth)[-1]), sep="")

#view rules
 my_rules = list.rules.rpart(r)

This looks as follows:

Rule number: 2 [yval=setosa cover=50 (33%) prob=1.00]
   Petal.Length< 2.45

 Rule number: 6 [yval=versicolor cover=54 (36%) prob=0.00]
   Petal.Width< 1.75

 Rule number: 7 [yval=virginica cover=46 (31%) prob=0.00]

My Question:

Suppose I only had the "my_rules" file - e.g. let's suppose I manually take the rules and put them into a data frame:

# manually place rules into a data frame

rules_frame <- data.frame("class" = c("setosa", "versicolor", "virginica"), 
"condition" = c("Petal.Length < 2.45", " Petal.Length>= 2.45 & Petal.Width < 1.75", "Petal.Length >=2.45 & Petal.Width>=1.75"))

#view result

       class                                 condition
1     setosa                       Petal.Length < 2.45
2 versicolor  Petal.Length>= 2.45 & Petal.Width < 1.75
3  virginica   Petal.Length >=2.45 & Petal.Width>=1.75

Is it somehow possible to take "rules_frame" and pass it to the "rpart.plot()" command? This would effectively allow me to take a set of "rules" generated by any tree library in R (e.g. "party", "C50", etc.) and plot them using the "rpart.plot" library.

Can anyone please show me how to do this?


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