Could you recommend an online course for shiny and shiny dashboard ?



is there any online course for shiny and shiny dashboard ?

Integrating shiny apps

Hi @sankarachari!

Are you looking only for links, or also for personal reviews/recommendations? I haven't taken any shinydashboard courses, so I can't recommend any personally but one I have heard about is here:

The shinydashboard documentation site is here:

There are a wealth of free Shiny tutorials here (written, video, and a free DataCamp course):


Thank you very much.

I got the shiny treasure.



Hey @sankarachari,

Great question. We offer a full-scale, end-to-end data science curriculum that begins with data science foundations, moves to advanced data science, and ends with Shiny web app development. Here's an overview.

You can learn more at

Your Journey / Goal = Shiny Web App

The Plan to Achieve Your Goal

The Result: Take the courses you need. Go from beginning to advanced in 23 Weeks or less.



You can also have on showmeshiny web site

You can have a code on the github of most web app.