create map using highcharter


hello guys, i'm new to programming language r, i want to create an interactive map in which in each province of my country it will be able to show the number of existing subscribers, in the image that i published there is no latitute and longitute column, but I have these columns, this map refers to Mozambique..

please help me

Hello Aike,
Welcome to the world of R.
Since you haven't mentioned your skill level in R I presume you have no idea of any mapping packages. A quick and dirty start can happen with the package tmap for creating quickly thematic maps. You can also study ggmap and if you need to plot bubbles on google map layouts.. and you can also create a google api account and enable geocode APIs if you need to get lat lon for addresses and download base maps at specific zoom levels.

More after you come back with your learnings.
Best wishes

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