CSP Blocking Dashboard from Company Site

My coworker and I use the same .Rmd file to produce a flexdashboard. She has slightly older versions of some packages which I can't get to match up. When I run the dashboard, the output is perfect on my personal machine and I can send it to others and it works fine. When I upload it to our company site, the file is not able to be loaded.
Specifically, I get these errors:
I believe that this is because of the

<script src="data:application/javascript;base64

that are in my code.
When my coworker runs the same code, here's the output (which is without the encoding):

<script>/*! jQuery v1.12.4 | (c) jQuery Foundation | jquery.org/license */
!function(a,b){"object"==typeof module&&"object"==typeof module.exports?

Can someone please help me with what settings I can change in order to get the more raw output instead?

One possible reason is the version of Pandoc bundle with the IDE. Are you using the same version of the RSTUDIO IDE ? if not, would it be possible to adapt ?

This is a quick way for this.

What happens is that you are doing a self contained document I believe (self_contained = TRUE). You could try to set to FALSE but you would need to serve the folder (several file possibly) as you won't get only one file.

Otherwise, it would be more tricky to adapt. Sometimes new version of packages fix some issues and if you can't use the same, there will always be some difference in rendering unfortunately.

But also, I am surprise that this does not work - it is the first time I am seing this error.

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