CSS Styles are applied to learnr tutorial, but not when deployed on shinyapps.io

I have some custom css styling for my learnr tutorial. Everything works just fine when launched from R-Studio.
But when I deployed the app on shinyapps. io none of my custom css is used, even though I included the css folder.
I read through this: Shiny - Using custom CSS in your app, but it did not help me much, because I am not writing a shiny app - learnr is doing this for me, if I get it right. So I would not know where to insert the commands that link to my stylesheet.

Here is my YAML header.

    css: "/css/boxes.css"
runtime: shiny_prerendered

I think the issue lies in referencing my stylesheet to shiny. Maybe folder structure is different on the server?

If seeing the whole thing helps you anyway, or if you are interested what I am working on, here you go:

Thank you for your help, I apreciate it a lot as a newbie!

Here is my own fix:
this line just appeared in my YAML and it works now. I guess it came when I used learnr::run_tutorial() to build my tutorial... i dont know. Also, I updated to the latest github version of learnr.

- css/boxes.css

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