DatabaseConnector causes RStudio failure

RStudio 2022.02.1 Build 461 issues "R Session Aborted" dialog when "library(DatabaseConnector)" is submitted. Issue began with upgrade to R 4.2.0, but package can be loaded both in RGui and VSCode. OS is Windows 10 and DatabaseConnector is version 5.0.2

It seems that there are some intricate incompatibilities between RStudio and R 4.2.0 that sometimes crashes an rsession on Windows. See for instance rJava::.jinit() terminates R session of RStudio when using R 4.2.0 · Issue #11076 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub.

There is a patched version of R 4.2.0

which might solve (some of) the problems.

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The patched version resolved my issue. Thank you!

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