Dataset package

Hello all ,

I am working on creating fake SDTM data and then create ADaM datasets then tables based on data . For this I am planning to create a data package and use it from there as I do want to download every time I call in dataset . Can anyone help me with example of creating a Dataset package . Or if we have have already one please point it out to me .


Would this package help?

Yes , the Idea is exactly the same , but the data inside is different from what we use ,

I have data now but do now know , how to make it as a package like you did , can you please help me with that

I followed the guidance in this blog post.

Alternatively, I could add your datasets to my package {medical data}, if that would help.

Thanks a lot Peter for your offer ,

I will let you know once I talk to my manager and get back to you.

Hello Peter ,

My boss is not okay with it as we want to use to for training other programmers they want to keep it independently and maintained internally sorry .


No worries. Let me know when it is up. I am collecting more datasets for teaching.

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