Dbplyr MariaDB/MySQL window functions documentation update

Given that MariaDB and MySQL support window functions, and dbplyr's respective translations gained that support in release 1.4.0, I think the documentation in https://db.rstudio.com/dplyr should be updated to reflect that, as it still innacurately mentions:

In terms of functionality, MySQL lies somewhere between SQLite and PostgreSQL. It provides a wider range of built-in functions, but it does not support window functions (so you can’t do grouped mutates and filters).

Note that dbplyr's documentation itself has already been updated to reflect these changes, it's just the RStudio website that remains out of date.

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Thanks !

FWIW the website source code is here. You could open a suggestion there, or even a PR I guess

The Rmd file for the webpage is here: https://github.com/rstudio/db.rstudio.com/blob/master/content/dplyr.Rmd


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