dbWriteTable performance with MariaDB

As recommended in
and in
i replaced the driver of my mysql connections to mariadb

bar<-config::get("foo",file = "../config.yml")

con2 <- dbConnect(
  drv = RMariaDB::MariaDB(), #new driver
  # drv = RMySQL::MySQL(), old driver
  username = bar$username,
  password = bar$pwd,
  host = bar$host,
  port = bar$port,
  dbname = bar$schema

as a consequence all my scripts with dbWriteTable() ran into poor performance or didn't finish at all
this very detailed github issue report boils down my current situation

do you have similar experiences with a switch to mariaDB driver?
are there some points i am missing (additional installations,..)?
are there any alternatives?

thanks for your understanding

maybe this ?

Writing in a .csv is absolute no option.
i am more puzzled why the newer recommended package is by far slower than the legacy package

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