DendroSync Error

I'm using DendroSync for the first time, and this package is causing problems. I was able to type and run my code, but it wouldn't compile so I updated the version in R and now my program is erroring out. My data is set up exactly like the sample data they provide using conifersIP and looks like this:

       year  Region     Species        Code TRW

1354 1895 Cypress Pinus.contorta CHP 0.919
1355 1896 Cypress Pinus.contorta CHP 0.796
1356 1897 Cypress Pinus.contorta CHP 0.582
1357 1898 Cypress Pinus.contorta CHP 0.635
1358 1899 Cypress Pinus.contorta CHP 0.694
1359 1900 Cypress Pinus.contorta CHP 0.804

However, I'm trying to run this line of code and it's giving me this error:

VCOV_Cypress_HM = dendro.varcov(TRW ~ Code, varTime = "year", varGroup = "Species",

  •                           data = datasetCypress, homoscedastic = TRUE)

Error in UseMethod("droplevels") :
no applicable method for 'droplevels' applied to an object of class "character"

Any help on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

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