Deployed shiny apps with plotly clicks not updating plot click


I have several shiny apps deployed on RStudio Connect that are using plotly click events to create a new tab that displays detailed data for the point selected. The flights dashboard by @edgararuiz demonstrates this functionality. When you run the app code locally all the click events work perfectly but when you run the app on, they do not work for me. The apps I have developed are the same, the click events work locally but not when deployed on rstudio connect.

To recreate the issue, use the app on, select a specific month, for instance February, then click one of the bars in the bar chart, i.e. AirTran, February, click Hartsfield Jackson. A tab with February data pops up, then select the bar for Akron, a tab for akron february pops up. Change the month to march, and select Hartfield Jackson, a tab titled march pops up but the data in the tab still shows February data.

As I said, everything works just fine if you run the code locally from RStudio, but once it's deployed it seems some of the click data is not getting passed correctly. It doesn't appear that a browser js error is happening.

I'll continue looking into this but wanted to see if anyone had thoughts, thank you in advance!