Different directory for library

Hi, I have two directory for package installation: C:/........./3.6 and C:/.......3.6.2.
Is there a pratical difference if I download a package in a directory instead the other one?
Sorry for a open question and for english, thank you.

One must be your system level library (the one located on the "program files" folder) and the other, your user level library, the difference is that the system level library is available for all users in your system and the other one just for you.

ok, so I can work with both libraries. In a library there are base packages, if I download in the other directory (default directory for download) the packages, does the system occur in some error?
thank you

No, but you are going to have some issues keeping the packages updated if you install in both libraries, What I do for my personal use is to set the default to the system level library, that way I only have to worry about one folder.

Ok, thank you for your reply, I have some questions about this topic but It isn't necessary at my level now

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