Discerning why job fails

I'm launching a job via

    path = 'my_script.R'
    , name = 'job1'
    , workingDir = getwd()

where my_script.R simply contains a single call to a function that in turn is defined with the following at its outset:

	dump_and_quit = function() {
		# Save debugging info to file last.dump.rda
		dump.frames(to.file = TRUE)
		# Quit R with error status
		q(status = 1)
	options(error = dump_and_quit)

(from this answer)

The function later does a bunch of things and has output that I indeed start to see in the jobs output pane, but at random-seeming times the job state is suddenly "failed" and I have no output anywhere indicating what went wrong, nor is there the expected last.dump file in the working dir. Any suggestions?

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