Display sidewalk quality - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Display sidewalk quality

Authors: Alan Jackson
Working with Shiny for 1+ years

Abstract: A pair of apps, one local and one on the server. Local app reads in geocoded images taken with phone, allows for correcting the locations, and annotation of the photos. Server app displays the results on a map and allows for selecting subsets of sidewalk quality. Ultimate purpose of the suite is to provide hard data to pressure city officials into repairing sidewalks.

Full Description: This is a system for documenting sidewalk quality. Data is collected by simply taking photos with a GPS-enabled phone every time the sidewalk quality changes. After downloading the data, a local shiny app reads in the images, locates them on a map, and allows for location correction and annotation.
Phone GPS locations have an error radius of about 2-3 meters, so I move all the locations to a line on the map where the sidewalk should be, and also allow for individual point location corrections.
Then each photo is cropped, the distance to the next photo is estimated (forming a vector) and the sidewalk condition is annotated.
Then the cropped and reduced photos, along with the database (a tribble) are uploaded to the web.
The cloud shiny app accesses that data and allows visualization of the data, color-coded by quality, and selectable by quality. Clicking on a line segment will bring up the appropriate photo.

Category: Public Sector
Keywords: mapping, public interest
Shiny app: https://ajackson.shinyapps.io/DisplaySidewalkQuality/
Repo: https://github.com/alankjackson/Sidewalk_Quality
RStudio Cloud: https://ajackson.shinyapps.io/DisplaySidewalkQuality/


Full image:


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