During session ability to highlight words in source by double clicking disappears

At the start of a new session I get expected behaviour in the source pane:

  • double clicking on a word highlights that word (and outlines other instances of that word)
  • triple clicking highlights that row.

After an undetermined amount of time - somewhere between a few minutes and half an hour maybe - this behaviour changes and is now:

  • double clicking on a word does nothing.
  • triple clicking highlights the whole script.

I'm not sure what triggers the switch, i just notice all of a sudden that it's stopped working the way I am used to. And it invariably happens sooner or later.

I'm using RStudio 1.2.5001 on Manjaro Linux, and this is a long running problem I've had, but it might have been only on Linux machines, not sure.

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You could try with the preview version, just to make sure your issue hasn't been fixed already.

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Hi andresrcs, thanks for the suggestion, I have now installed 1.2.5036 and the same problem persists.

Then maybe you should file an issue on the GitHub repo

Thanks, Andrés, I've now done that here:

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