I have two questions that I did not get an answer from various internet posts.
Can I add e-commerce functionality and subscriptions to my blogdown website?
Can I still add Rmarkdown if I change the website to reach the functions mentioned in top? Thanks.

Hi! And welcome.

RMarkdown, Hugo and the other options produce a "static" website, which means that any programming logic in response to user-input has to be handled through HTML/CSS/Javascript and friends. You can put up an RSS feed.

I am sorry but i don t get the answer. Can you explain it in detail?

The Blogdown / Hugo platform is best suited to static presentations.

If your use case requires content monetization / other forms of e-commerce (eShop or the like) you should consider other platforms. I have good experience with WordPress, but it is by no means unique.

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Think of a RMarkdown/Hugo website as "write once, read many." The author writes and people loading the file read. See the blogdown book for a detailed explanation.