Earlier versions of R

Is there a way to load different versions of R, in windows.

Yes, on Windows each R version gets installed independently. Can you please clarify what is your specific problem with this?

I use a combination of RStudio and Rattle to help friends learn R. Rattle uses a RGTK2 package, which Cran no longer supports and comes up with a UTC or something like that error.

We have found that by using R4.1 and Rstudio 22.02 we can get Rattle to work, etc.

It would be nice to use a more later version of RStudio with the earlier version of R. But some times I need an earlier version of R and other times a Later version of R.

Hence, my question about getting RStudio to pick which version of R i want to use.

Well, you haven't mentioned RStudio in your original question.

The open source version of the IDE doesn't support quick change among R versions but you can choose the R version on startup by holding the Ctrl key while opening RStudio, then you should see this menu and you can choose the desired R version.

Another option is to use rig

thank you for this information. It has been very helpful.


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