Enable Open VSX marketplace for VSCode + RStudio workbench

I'm in the process of trying to make vscode available for our users via RStudio Workbench. All of the basic configuration is working as expected but I would like to make the extensions available on OpenVSX discoverable / installable via the extensions marketplace tool.

Based on the OpenVSX docs it seems like this should be possible but it is not clear where the necessary settings would go (i.e. I'm not sure where to locate product.json or the extensionsGallery mentioned in the docs).

Anyone with advice or examples from a successful deployment would be much appreciated.

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The most recent release of Workbench should access the openvsx marketplace by default; see if upgrading helps?


Silly me I should have tried that - upgraded to the latest release and reinstalled vscode and I'm now seeing the extension marketplace.


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