Error in list2(...) : object 'divvy' not found

Can anyone help on this

tripdata_withdoubles <- bind_rows(202004-divvy-tripdata, 202005-divvy-tripdata, 202006-divvy-tripdata, 202007-divvy-tripdata, 202008-divvy-tripdata, 202009-divvy-tripdata, 202010-divvy-tripdata, 202011-divvy-tripdata)

Error in list2(...) : object 'divvy' not found

You need to place all the object names between backticks ``.

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The error means that R could not find the variable mentioned in the error message.

Note that that bind_rows is a function that combines data in a tables format by row (ie, stack tables on top of each other, matching columns.)

Object names in R, e.g. "202004-divvy-tripdata", aren't supposed to include dashes. So with "202004-divvy-tripdata", R is probably trying to subtract divvy from 202004, and than subject tripdata from that.
As Martin suggests, you probably loaded an object named 202007-divvy-tripdata, and to call that, you should surround it with backticks, `202007-divvy-tripdata`. Some discussion on this, in Advanced-R, if you're curious.

For a longer explanation of the basics of what's happening, this stack overflow answer is quite nice

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