Error in meta-analysis (meta package)

Hello, I am conducting a proportion meta-analysis but when I try to run a meta-regression, there's always an error message. Please find below the code.

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 7.13.43 PM

mlbcon<-metaprop(event =, n = n, data = infdata, studlab = paste(Author, Year, sep = ","), comb.fixed = FALSE, comb.random = TRUE, method = "GLMM", method.tau = "ML", = "CP", prediction = TRUE)

mlbconreg<-metareg(mlbcon, Concentration)
Error in rma.glmm(xi = event[!exclude], ni = n[!exclude], data = dataset, :
Number of parameters to be estimated is larger than the number of observations.

Can someone help me? Happy to provide more information.

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