Error in namespaceExports(ns,exports)

When i tried to load library(dplyr) i got this error

Error in namespaceExports(ns,exports)
undefined exports:R6class,is.R6,is.R6class
In addition: Warning message :
S3 methods 'as.list.R6','format.R6','format.R6classGenerator','plot.R6','print.R6ClassGenerator' were declared in
NAMESPACE but not found
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'dplyr'

i am using rstuio 0.99.878 and r for windows 3.3.3.

Both of those things are quite old. While RStudio isn't (most likely) an issue, old version of R might be. Current R version is 3.5.1, so you are 2 major versions behind.

Is it possible to update R on your end and try again?

Hi Mishabalyasin,
Thanks for the reply
I am using windows 7 32 bit when i upgrade to latest versions i am facing compatability issues so i downgraded it .now i am facing this issue

I'm not using Windows, so my knowledge is quite limited.
Take a look at this link, maybe it helps you -

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